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Founded in 2006 by Ana Lukman in Jakarta, Indonesia.


At that time,  most people in Indonesia still was not familiar with drinking coffee, espresso or cappuccino which made from espresso machine. In the other side, the amount of coffee that people consumed in our country was growing.


With her passion to innovate, our journey began when the company has announced as an  official authorized dealer of Saeco,  the no.1  leading & legend Italian brand in fully automatic coffee machines for Indonesia’s market.


Since then, we proud to be one of  local companies who bringing the ‘second wave” in global coffee industries to Indonesia until now. Second wave means the era when  the customers started enjoyment coffee as an experience and knowledge, rather than just beverage.


In 2014, when Gelato start to getting more attention as a distinct F&B market option in Indonesia, our company expand the business and  brought variety of equipments, ingredients and accessories for every stage of gelato business needs. Due to our tradition & commitment to quality, we only work with the very well-known European brand such as Valmar, Nemox, ISA, Techfrost, Montebianco, Silikomart and Pocatino. Take your time for a sharing session with our friendly staff to explore more how to start or build-up your gelato business.


In 2017 continuing our nonstop coffee desire , we introduced Fiamma , a full history of excellence Portugese brand in semi-automatic coffee machine line. Offering a complete range from single boiler,dual boiler, multi boiler  to  the newest Pressure Profiling. Fiamma aims to perfecting each stage of your coffee shop business plan.


No matter the bean variety you have, the consistency of the Ground coffee comes first. Discover our Grinder, Quammar, Slingshot and Niche. Try and  pick the ideal model  as per your coffee shop business volume need.


After year by year , the series of our stories & experiences as a coffee & gelato solution company always inspiring us to work and serve  at its best.

Product Training

If you would like to ensure that your team will have proper knowledge about coffee and gelato culture, you have chosen the right place. Our team will also provide both theoretical and technical skill regarding how to use the machine, menu development and all of its other expansion products. Moreover, the training will be conducted in the most exciting and interesting way in order to keep up the spirit of you and your team members.

After Sales Service

We do not just sell products, we are selling quality. That is why we think that our customer’s satisfaction is our main priorities. Our Service Hotline available 24 hours to answer your question and has the solution for your problems. We offer 1 year warranty for new machine, genuine spare-parts and always available, maintenance service, contract service and on-call visit. Exclusive training will be given for you. We help you maintain your products because we always by your side.

Spare Parts Warranty and Cleaning Products

Every Saeco machines comes with a standard 5 (five) years warranty for the Saeco-patented mechanic press (brew group) and 1 (one) year warranty for the Oring Seals category. Nevertheless, we also provide proper cleaning products for your coffee machines. There are 3 (three) types of cleaning products, i.e.: Entkalker (Decalsifier) – to clean the boiler from limestone sedimentations, Cleaning Tablets – to clean the brew group from unwanted dirt and clogging, and also Food Grease – to ensure that the brew group will always work in its optimum performance. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Contract Services Package

If you would like to have a better maintenance system with more advantages, you may also choose our Contract Service package. Instead of contacting us for Regular Service, you may have the privilege to get routine checking every once in a month by our technicians. The Contract Service also comes with a better price packaging compared to the Regular Service. It will even provide a special back-up machine concept if your machine is under repair

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