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Oxymoron Maker III is the result of a successful association between Jordi Roca i Andreu Carulla. Jordi Roca is world renowned Catalan pastry chef who constantly creates new pastry concepts from the traditional cuisine with novel cooking techniques by means of his own research strategy. He has received plenty of acknowledgments during his long career as head world chef. Ice Creams is just one of his passions, that turned into a new business led by Alexandra Rivas, his professional colleague and wife. Rocambolesc has come up with a new Ice Cream shop concept, where the production of Oxymoron is one of the main attractions.

Andreu Carulla is an exponent of the new generation of Catalan industrial designers. Follower of a long tradition, where Barcelona has become as a world referent city, Andreu is always searching a balance, a sort of dialogue between the two main purposes of his professional job: art and usefulness. He defines himself as a craftsman of environment friendly materials, a way to reclaim the use of traditional materials. He has got many international awards


Oxymoron Maker III is fully made in Palol de Revardit (Catalonia, Spain) by Inbrooll Industries SL. We are manufacturers of high-end devices under the brand Cuokko. We test all the machines before shipping to ensure a reliable, long term operation of our cooking devices.