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In constant pursue of the greatest taste, we are working with baristas, chefs, entrepreneurs and specialized technicians. You can see the results in every detail of Fiamma’s espresso coffee machines and catering equipment.


1977: AVEIRO

In the beautiful city of Aveiro on Portugal’s Silver Coast, Fiamma was born in 1977. From here, Fiamma’s Espresso Machines embark on their journey towards a world of better taste! With espresso machines designed by a team of engineers, artists and baristas and handmade in Portugal, Fiamma revives Portugal’s famous tradition of entrepreneurship, audacity and worldwide trade!

Fiamma was born as RST, S.A.; R, S and T referring to the description of the electric phases. RST started in the automotive sector and belongs to a larger group of companies founded in 1971, today directly located in Aveiro, Porto, Lisboa, Funchal, Luanda and S. Paulo.



Over coffee with an Italian friend, Nelson Serra, one of the founders, had a great inspiratoin. The coffee culture has deep roots in Portugal, but all espresso machines were made in Italy. Why not start a Portuguese machine? Nelson Serra and his friends were young, inspired and determinded: In 1980, the production of espresso machines had kicked off. The brand Fiamma was born



Tust like the famous Portuguese discoverers, we want to reach new horizons, learning and growing together with users, customers and partners. In 2003, Fiamma exhibited for the first time at the Host show in Milan. Ever since, Fiamma equipment has travelled the whole world, from Seattle to Sydney, reaching more than 70 countries on all 5 continents.